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“I would like to try to put into words my fertility experience with Dr Isherwood (and team).

I went to see Dr Isherwood as I have a medical condition which affects my ovaries to the point that I would not be able to conceive without an egg donor.

What first struck me with Dr Isherwood was the warm care of her staff there and her first priority always being my health and crossing off any obstacles that may come up with my condition to be able to successfully sustain a pregnancy.  Before we did anything there were referrals to other specialists (Cardiologist, Neurologist) to ensure I could physically carry a child.  This made me feel so much more at ease as I didn’t want to just be taken down the path to then have an issues come up too late.  I felt very comforted by this.

My husband and I were lucky enough to have a known donor who went through the egg donation process with us. This process was facilitated by Dr Isherwood to fit in around my donor’s and my own work schedules whiles getting our cycles to synchronize.

Our first IVF cycle was unfortunately unsuccessful and obviously quite heart breaking as the egg that was implanted was the only one viable (out the donated 5 that were fertilized).

Our donor agreed to go through another cycle to donate, but upon the preliminary testing it was found that she was unfortunately no longer a viable donor and we were then asked by Dr Isherwood to think if there was anyone else who we knew that could meet the requirements to be a donor or advertise for an unknown donor.

We contacted a friend who fitted the requirements and advised she would donate.  We then started this cycle off and again Dr Isherwood again was wonderful in making the necessary appointments on days/times that worked with both the donor’s and my work schedule.

I have been nothing but impressed with the care and dedication of Dr Isherwood and her wonderful team as they have been nothing but thorough, informative, kind, caring, supportive and easy to communicate with.  No question has been too difficult or been left unanswered.

I am now pregnant with the first attempt with new donor (2nd IVF round) and due in late August.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending anyone experiencing fertility issues to go and see her.”
Emma and Richard

“Just wanted to say thank you for being such a wonderful obstetrician and for bringing our beautiful baby into the world safely. We hope to see you again soon for baby number two.”

“Dr Isherwood’s team are nothing short of amazing. I have been seeing Dr Isherwood for over 10 years for both ongoing treatment of endometriosis and pregnancy and birth of two children. Dr Isherwood is incredibly dedicated and gives 110% to every patient. She is always up to date with the latest in treatments available. It is actually enjoyable to enter the lovely offices and see the welcoming smiles of her staff, Marlene and Tracey. I would not like to contemplate how I would have managed my endometriosis without Dr Isherwood and her team and I am so grateful for the pregnancy and birth experiences I had under her management.”

“Thank you so much for all the care you have given me throughout two incredible pregnancies. It has been a wonderful journey and we are so lucky for you guided us expertly through it all, and the end result was just so perfect. Thank you for our two precious children. We are glad it was you who held them first.”

“It means so much that you were there to welcome all three of our beautiful boys into the world. You have made our experience the best it could possibly be. You will share this magnificent moment with us forever. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

“Dear Dr Isherwood. Thank you for your care and gentleness during our recent loss. We know you must see this many times, but your understanding meant a great deal to us. We hope to see you again soon with happier news next time.”

“Thank you so much for the safe arrival of our son. Your professionalism and genuine care helped to calm our concerns. We found this also extended on to your staff, who always made our appointments a warm and welcoming experience. Because of your exceptional care and compassion we will forever remember this time with fondness. Thank you.”